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Building Engines has always been our primary focus, but that’s not all we do. Yota1 has 5 main departments, Engines, Transmissions, Gears, Auto Repair, and our rapidly expanding Parts Department. Our goal is to provide a “One Stop Solution” for Toyota enthusiasts around the world. We want to be your “go to guys” for all of your Toyota parts. We have thousands of part numbers in stock and our inventory is growing everyday. We are constantly testing and adding new parts. We stock many hard to find parts, but not everything we have is online. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a suggestion on a part you would like to see on our website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We support about 20 different Toyota engines from the mid 70’s 20R to the current 1GR and 2TR. Most of our products are built “In House” including Engines, Manual Transmissions, Transfer cases, and Differentials. We will install just about anything we build. Engine and Transmission installs, Engine swaps, Lift kits, and solid Axle Swaps are an everyday thing in our shop. We can lift, lower, Re-power, and Re-gear just about anything. We know that a lot of you are not local to us and probably can’t drop your vehicle off, but some of you can. Here are some basic Services we provide at Yota1 Performance, Inc.
This is a Labor Price ONLY, it does not include any accessories or fluids. It is very common that you will need around $500-$1000 in additional parts such as Clutch kit, Radiator, Spark Plugs, Oil, Oil Filter, Coolant, Thermostat, Water Pump, Fuel Filter, Belts, and Hoses, etc. Please keep this in mind when pricing your engine & install. Here are the approximate cost for some of the engine installs we do.
If you don’t see your engine, just give us a call.
22R 22RE 2.4L $2400 labor only
22RTE 2.4L $2900 labor only
2RZ 2.4L $2700 labor only
3RZ 2.7L $2700 labor only
2TR-FE 2.7L $2700 labor only
5VZ 3.4L $3500 labor only
1GR 4.0L $4000 labor only
1FZ-FE 4.5L $4500 labor only
2F 4.2L $4500 labor only
2UZ 4.7L $4400 labor only
3UR 5.7L $4900 Labor only
We do NOT do 3VZ Engine Installs or 3VZ to 5VZ Engine Swaps. Please call Toy Only Swaps or OFF Road Solutions for information and pricing on that Swap.
These are Labor Prices ONLY, and do not include any fluids. We re-build all Manual Transmissions and usually have the Toyota W55, W56, W56C, G54, R150, R151, and L52 Series Transmission in Stock. We also Install these in our shop. Here is a list of Labor costs to install some of the common transmissions.
L52 $950 plus Fluids
W55 $950 plus Fluids
W56 $950 plus Fluids
W56C $950 plus Fluids
W59 $1050 plus Fluids
R150 $950 plus Fluids
R150F 3.0 $1050 plus Fluids
R150F 3.4 $1200 plus Fluids
R151 $950 plus Fluids
A340F $1150 Plus Fluids
A340 $1150 Plus Fluids
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one month remains to LeapDay 2o24

1997 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Xtracab V6 4×4 5-Speed

1997 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Xtracab V6 4×4 5-Speed


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on2 yet another one... more than a dozen now

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on2 yet another one... more than a dozen now

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