'97 Taco life + times, the chronicles of...

Discussion in 'Member Garages' started by JayQQ97, Jul 7, 2022.

  1. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    page five...

    triggered on i29 north just after crossing that nasty broken Iowa border

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  3. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    the temps are finally cooling off from the mid 90s to the 50s
    when is that nasty cold-weather noise going to pop up :mad:
  4. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    what looked to be a speck of dirt or sticky could turn into a royal pain :mad:

    but i did get that window tinting finally fixed, they just redid it and blamed some glass burrs for the tiny bubbles
  5. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    made it to 397 STD

    397,71 fuel reWards acheived!.jpg
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  6. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    so after 3-n-half years of serious DD and all that jazz i come to an area that i have NOT EVER seen mentioned before as an area of potential concern on these tacoma frames...

    it took a good 3 hours yesterday under there with a couple of long picks and half a bottle of WD-40 to flush contaminants out of this unmentioned before cavity...

    the driver side area is partially blocked by that fuel tank :mad:
  7. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    what is on the docket for today...

    a deer hit creased it worse than 1st glanced at
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  8. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    wheelin' it to Topeka today to pick up some parts after literally 7 months on backOrder
    also getting that filter changed there

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  9. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    i guess you get wot you pay for, unfortunately...
    the toyota tech noted the truck had a slight weep from the output shaft seal of the transfer case to the rear driveshaft, but he would not check the actual level (in case it was just undercoating spray he was seeing) because the truck would need to be sent down the line where they could actually check that gear fluid level, which apparently is not :mad: included with the 22.50$ 4-pack-punch-card oil n' filter deal i bot in order to cut some costs on maintenance... 'coz 60$ oil-n-filter changes are retard

    + they did not even fill the washer fluid to full, it was near empty :confused:
    and the skid was buggered, they told me they did not need to remove and reinstall it.. WuTTFuKK
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  10. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    its certainly nice to win a sweepstakes prize :eek:

    shell 1 dollar GP Sept-2o22.jpg
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  11. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    hobbled under the rig with a few wrenches to get a check on that transfer gear oil fluid level and check on those possible leaks from seal and gasket
    ...wrenched off the transfer case fillPlug to check fluid level

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  12. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    that 13k filter, what does it look like inside?

    IMG_20221001_141833_664.jpg IMG_20221001_141913_508.jpg IMG_20221001_141900_364.jpg
    oil filter @ 13k.jpg

    some razzle dazzle for that old-as-dirt Corolla
    razzle dazzle on corolla fuel tube protector.jpg
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  13. OP

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    removed front skid-splash-shield plate (heavy AF) to clean the dirt, sand, oil, wax and grime off and check the powdercoat from 3yrs ago.
    had a few spots on the front frame xMember where the protective paint coating was peeling and had to touch it up with better quality extreme chassis satin paint
    how the heck do the monkeys that took this plate off not know bean about how it is supposed to go back on :eek: found one bolt all cockEyed and near crossThreaded that attach the 2 plates and the front was looking droopy like it was gunna fall on off in a big wind

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