Dash Cams

I used to view dash cams as just a toy, just a do dad to play with. With more and more idiot drivers I'm seeing a use for them now. Just out of curiosity ive glamced ag a couple of them but not really serious just yet.
I bought the ball and chain a dash cam. Today when she got smashed into the guy was claiming that it was her fault until she showed the cops her dash cam footage.
He was charged, it was 100 % his fault, and dash cam proves it.
That is her second Kia written off in 8 months.
The guy tried to claim that she was illegally parked in a no parking zone, and that she was at fault because of it.
She was legally parked, and the camera proves it beyond a doubt.
Where her kia ended up was a no parking zone after being pushed 60 feet into it and into a concrete barrier that squashed it between the semi and the cement.
Holy cannoli! I hope she wasn't inside at the time of impact.[emoji54]

She was going to the store, when backed into by a semi.
Yes she was in it, she called her dad after parking, because she is safety girl, and would never talk and drive, not even hands free. Asking what he wanted from the store so she could shop for them to, and then drop it off before she came home.
I use my android phone in a holded and run the Sgyic navigation app. It has a dash cam build into the app. Switching between vehicles or using it to record events is a snap.
I’m running thinkware U1000 setup with rear camera and radar for parking mode. Had it for 4 months now.. no issues with battery running low, recording is good quality, I’ve had a catalytic converter stolen off our Honda Accord and house cameras didn’t get a license plate of the robbers. Just being pro-active on security now .


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