Gen 1 Headers


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I am getting ready to install OBX Racing long tube headers on my 03' 3.4 v-6. It looks like they will eliminate the first cat. Will i have a problem with the "check engine light" by running only one cat? Can I replace the cat that remains with one from a system that only uses a single cat? What about increased exhaust noise? Will elimination the first cat increase exhaust noise very much? Thanks for any help.
likely i need to start exploring this here :confused:

my rig has just but one cat
Headers need constant new gaskets at the flanges, as their always blowing out, plus their prone to rusting out much sooner then a cast iron manifold. If looking for a little more hp, and noise they offer both. They even may require you to remap your fuel injection for optimum performance. Depending on some vehicles, they can be a royal pita to install, especially if a starter, or steering post is in the way.
Not to rain on your parade. But....It is against Federal Law to alter/eliminate any pollution control device, including the CAT.

Suggest to check you local state laws regarding vehicle inspections. You could be open for heafty fines.
You can still hookup your cats when using headers...they sell header flange adaptors to the regular size pipe that your cat is. Only issue is those flange gaskets always leak after awhile.