Happy 4th everyone


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Been roasting st louie stye pork ribs, and cooking burgers with all the fixings. Crap...looks like it might rain....
Had some showers yesterday afternoon. My little picnic get together had to moved strictly inside my deck for a spell. Been very humid, and overcast so far this morning.
Had 4 days from work. Thursday and Friday were good days. Many chores completed, plumbing leaks repaired, motorcycle started after 11 year sleep with heavy engine out work.

Saturday and Sunday crushed me.

Long story shortened. Saturday, spent 7 hours at the Emergency Vet Clinic working on a constant nose bleed. Many diagnostics turned up negative. The x-rays told a heart breaking diagnosis with a devastating prognosis. My mini-schnauzer has aggressive cancer in the left sinus passages. It has invaded the skull and is compromising the left eye socket. Yes, there is oncology with chemo/radiation and all sundries of treatments, but in the long haul no cure only prolonging of the agony. Only pain and degradation of life. I've made the hard decision to not put my buddy of 8 years thru such treatment. We will be travelling back to family, his entire pack, for the last days. Currently, he is on a regime of pain meds. He will always be in my heart and soul as he leaves my care on the 17th.

Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, but talking and writing about this helps me to process the struggle to accept.

All of you with pets, cherish them, care for them, love them, they touch you more deeply than you realize. Don't cheat on cheap food or vet care or vaccinations, training, treats, grooming, walks ...............all the activities the pet needs and give a bit more. You'll receive more in return.
Sorry to hear that. What a crappy way to spend the 4th weekend. It's why I can't seem to ever consider having a dog again. You get way too attached with them for the short time their here. Seems all the pure breeds are more acceptable to some hereditary affliction, or disease sooner than mogul breeds. My wife is a sucker for siamese cats. We've had a few of them, seems it's a crap shoot how long they live. They all developed the same kidney disease, no matter what diet the vet recommended ...some cats lasted 8-12 years, one 20.
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