Help I inherited my dad's beloved 1984 4x4


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My dad passed before I was able to find out as much as I would like to know about this truck... Like how to replace the windshield wipers. I took her down to OReillys and I was told I needed inserts but they didn't have any. Personally I would like to change the arms themselves so that I can put a nicer blade on... But those ones are riveted. What do I do? I also have some aftermarket gauges that's need to be replaced... Because they're no longer functioning... And maybe the panel they're in... Where's the best place to find replacements? I'm going to assume that just like the head unit everything is outdated and not sold anymore and if so how would I upgrade tastefully? I'm trying to do as much as possible myself to help work through the grief so any information on these guys or help on these two things would be fantastic.

Things I've found out the hard way; she was a fuel injected model but at some point my dad swapped her engine for the double barrel carb 22r instead [emoji2369] [emoji23] Image.jpegImage%20(1).jpegImage%20(2).jpegImage%20(3).jpeg