Hood Too Heavy To Lift


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Help...I bought a '23 Taco (I didn't sell my '03 Tundra though) which I LOVE, but...the hood is too heavy to lift. My Tundra wasn't like that nor was my brothers '17 Taco. Believe me, I spent enough on the '23 to get it exactly the way I wanted it. But who knew that of all things, they reverted back to a heavy hood with a manual hood rod the keep the hood open??? Is there anything out there that will make it easy to open the hood...shoot, they have the tailgate with a easy open devise. Any help is useful.
are you a shortie?

i am shortie and its a challenge to even lift the hood all the way up on a gen2 taco to secure it with that prop rod
no issues ever with hood on Gen1 much like your old Tundra is i suppose
There are hood lift struts that will help and eliminate the need for the hood prop.

Sorry, I don't remember the brand. Search on this site for "hood prop". I'm sure a discussion will surface with many details.
I'm not short, neither am I tall... I'm average. No...I had a stroke 3.75 years ago leaving my right arm almost useless. What good is a brand new, fancy Taco that I can't even open the hood on?
Same here suffering a serious stroke several years ago. I have about 1/3 limited use of my right side. I too had a 01 tundra, and it was a great truck. The gen3 tacoma I now have has a very heavy hood, but I now manage, after a huge amount of physical therapy, and hard work. I've thought of installing drill less hood lift struts on mine. I think a few different companies now sell them.
Struts are the answer. Take a look and all of the brands, they each offer something different. I went with the drill/rivetless option. Very happy. Another his if you have limited strength/mobility. It's apain to lower the spare much less jack up the truck and remove/replace lugnuts.

For these issues I now carry an electric sissor jack and a cordless Milwaukee impact. I bought a 3/8" drive pipe plug socket that slips over the Toyota supplied tool for lowering/raising the spare. Even with serious back and shoulder issues I can change a tire if needed.

I just had an idea for a new thread!
So I was parked at AAP with the gen2 for some washer fluid sale
Parked it into standard curb so that I was elevated
Decided to pop and check under hood oil levels and to fill that washer

It made some diffrence in ease of lifting hood and propping it to be a curb taller
My old '03 had 18's Moda 8.5 wide 4.5 backspace o° offset,285-60-18 kuhmos .had put them on my taco when I first got it should have kept them the fit perfect no lift ,no rub.had 2inch lift in tundra. 4.7 flowmaster 3 inchcat back sounded so nice.
I had new flowmaster dual cats feeding a flowmaster dual exhaust system, after the stock system rotted away. I found general grabber at2 tires best in deep snow. My tundra was a similar gray/silver too.