LED Headlights


I always thought they didn't work well in a projector type housing, but have been hearing they do.

My truck is a 2018 SR5.

Anyone swapped their out with most great success? I want the light to be where I need it and not blasting all over the place.


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I have LED bulbs in my '16 headlights and fogs plus all the other lights. They work great in my opinion.


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if these are NOT aligned properly will they literally blind oncoming drivers in the dark of night?
often i wonder why some are blinding and others are not coming the other way on highway


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I replaced my headlights with LED bulbs, low beams should not increase in height as they get further from the car. if anything they should slowly decrease in height off of the ground. This is what causes other drivers to feel like they are getting highbeamed.


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Be careful swapping LED into the housings.

The housing reflector is designed to have the bulb at a particular focal point. Filament bulbs have a different point of light than LED. So, the focal length is different between a filament bulb and LED reflectors.

Many times an LED appears brighter, but the light is unfocused. This is a placebo. Much of the LED light in the wrong reflector is scattered and not useable. A focused beam will place the light where it is needed.

This is typical of swapped LEDs and will cause on-coming drivers to flash high beams. Ther are specific requirements for headlight focus points.

Please help everyone on the road follow the aiming specifications.