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I changed my rear speakers out for a pair of Rx350 6.5 I had from my wife's older lexus and when I reinstalled the door panel on drivers side side I think the cable popped out of the little slot it snaps into and I can't get the flippin' door to unlock. I can hear the solenoid activate but its not unlocking ? Any ideas.besides going to the dealership hanging my head down in shame? :(
Is the problem on One door or on all doors????

Generally, the first press on the fob's unlock button only opens the driver door. Two successive presses should open all doors.

Assuming you can get into the truck...... You will need to remove the door panel again. But the driver's seat maybe impeding access, so it may need to be removed.

You are probably in for a tussle with the truck. Be patient, go slow. Remember, force is an answer. It may not be the best answer.

Good Luck. Hope you can solve without hanging your head in embarrassment.
im thinking i have to drill the plastic lock flipper next to the interior door handle and reach in with my surgical clamp and grab the cable. i have a slim jim tool and can push down on the door release with the window down but its not opening .
Sorry, can't offer any good solution to your problem, but you can always make that passenger enter and exit "Duke boys" style. Just tell everyone this was a trial run, and next week all doors will operate like this. As always, you meant to do it this way. Never admit failure :cool:

Now, the most important part... Since you swapped speakers, does it sound any better?
So i ripped the lock out of the door handle and pulled the cables to the lock and handle and it opened ! now i have to get a new handle. its either 52 bucks or 96 depends on the vin parts guy says at toyota ill find out tommorow. it may be something with fob too im getting new batteries in both.
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I only go for warranty work, anything else I would do myself. Now at 8 years and 83k miles, it is all me. I need to start looking for a replacement for Rocket Pig, though. Outside of my 90 Taurus SHO, I kept it for about 20 years, I usually only keep a car about 4 years. The versatility of the GT has made it a keeper, and there is not anything on the market that is even close. Now, if the Toyota Crown was a hatchback...