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I am looking for a guy I think his name is Jojo who is in Southern california Work for a dealership there. He sells OEM ppartsway below list.
Anyone know his number or who he works for?
I am looking for a guy I think his name is Jojo who is in Southern california Work for a dealership there. He sells OEM ppartsway below list.
Anyone know his number or who he works for?
You don't want to buy from him. I purchased three different times. I got the two small orders ok without issue. But the brake master cylinder I ordered, never arrived. I ordered it in March of this year.
joe joe (joseph hudspeth ) refunded the order the first time I did the transaction ,because I sent the money ($260) as goods and services, and put in comments it was for my 1999 Tacoma.
He then told me to do the transaction again, but send the money friends and family, and leave the comments/notes blank. It didn't click with me until days later that , was a little fishy.
So he told me the part would ship out the next day. It didn't ship out. In fact I contacted him a couple times each month, to check if the part had shipped. So five months later , I was getting frustrate, because I haven't recieved my part. So I contacted him joejoe again, and asked if the part was on back order. He said he would say it was on backorder, he just hadn't heard from Toyota about it yet.
Well damn you would think after five months i would hear something. Then I hear from some of his friends on facebook, that joejoe was telling people I was contacting him too damn much, being an ass, ECT. And he told some guys on FB that when I placed the order, he did tell me it would ship out the next day. Except the warehouse was out of the brake master cylinder, and it was backordered from Toyota.
Joejoe never informed me of that. I saved all messeges to and from him, and he never informed me that the part was out, and backordered.
So in mid August I filed a case for never recieving my part, with PayPal, and my bank.
Now Joe Joe has my money and the part.
After going round and round arguing with that coward, and listening to his lies. Telling me Joe Joe, and Joseph hudspeth arent his real names, they are aka's, and he doesn't live in California, and he has several LLC business, blah blah blah. He calls me from a number from Riverside California, and still claims it's not him. Then starts pretty much threatening me , low key threats, and claims his legal counsel wants to talk to me, all because he didn't ship my part, and still has my money, and I called him out, and post my saved messeges from him on FB, so everyone could see what a thief he was. I'm not going to argue with his internet coward mouth anymore.
I've come to terms, with it and have decided, if he wants to keep the part, and the money, that is on him. He is the fool that has to live with his scam.
I'm over now. I ordered a new oem master cylinder from a local Toyota dealer, and recieved it last week. It only took three weeks to get to me. And the dealer was honest and upfront about the backorder time.
Some of Joseph's buddies on FB say they have ordered and got their parts easily. But there are also some that say it was a bad experience.
I didn't get my part, after five months, so yes I filed a claim with PayPal, and my bank.
Five months is too damn long.
I would trust him period.
Use a local Toyota dealer close to you, or
Or others.
I am looking for a guy I think his name is Jojo who is in Southern california Work for a dealership there. He sells OEM ppartsway below list.
Anyone know his number or who he works for?
I ordered a part from him back in March. Never recieved the part or my my back. After doing some research I found he does not work at a Toyota dealership ,he just has a friend that he gets oem Toyota parts from at a Toyota dealer in santee, California.
I called Toyota Motors, and turns out the part I paid joejoe for has been discontinued from Toyota for well over a year now. And is no longer available.
I absolutely can't stand a dishonest person that will take my money, and continue to be a dishonest jerk.
I don't recommend sending that guy money for anything.
I'm out $253.00, which I'll probably never get back.
But I will not ever stop telling others about this experience.
Joejoe is a very dishonest and unprofessional guy.
I guess the dealership where he is getting OEM Toyota parts from , doesn't care about their reputation either. Very shady parts selling.
Selling used parts???? Stolen parts???

Sounds fishy to me.
I thought that too. He is getting these OEM Toyota parts from a buddy of his , at a Toyota dealership in south California. It's seems like a shady deal they are doing on OEM Toyota parts.
He talk people from Facebook ECT, into sending him money through PayPal via friends and family. I'm sure he does it that way ,so if a deal ever goes bad, the part isn't available ,discontinued, or he gets caught doing what he's doing, he doesn't have to give the person's money back. Sending him money via friends and family appears that you're sending someone money that needs it. A money transfer.
And PayPal can't do anything about it .
So this joejoe knows exactly what he is doing.
I've located the Toyota dealer that his buddy works at and notified them about what he is doing. Because the OEM parts joejoe is selling has their dealer# ,name ,address, and info on the packaging.
The part I paid him money for has been discontinued from Toyota for well over a year, and he knew it when he ordered it. And he still has my money.
He got me good. But never ever again.
I might not get my money returned, but I will continue to tell everyone I can about my bad experience with him, and he still has my money.
I don't recommend getting parts from ,or sending him money.
what part was that? brake master cyl?
LoL !! If you're talking to me it was a brake master cylinder for a 1999 Tacoma 2wd w/o abs.
I called a local to me Toyota dealership parts dept. And the Toyota dealership where joejoe gets his oem Toyota parts, plus called Toyota Motors of America, and they all told me that the part is discontinued from Toyota Manufacturing and no longer available.
I waited 5 months (March to mid August) before I asked joejoe if the part was backordered, and his exact words were... I wouldn't say it was backordered ,I just haven't heard back from Toyota about it yet.
I knew he was not being truthful because , a couple of days before that I was told the part was discontinued.
I see now why he wanted me to send him the money for the brake master cylinder through PayPal, via friends and family. That way there is no chance of getting a refund no matter what. Sending money via friends and family is like sending a friend, ECT, cash money. Non refundable.
I might not ever get my $253.00 back, but I'll never stop telling everyone possible about my bad experience with joejoe.
It's no surprise he uses a cartoon pic of the joker, instead of his real identity , and uses alias's, fake addresses, businesses, ECT. He is a shady , smug little guy.
what part was that? brake master cyl?
As a matter of it was an oem brake master cylinder part# 47201-04030. Toyota Motors of America, the Toyota dealer that joejoe gets his parts from, in Santee Cali, and my local Toyota dealer parts dept, plus southeast Toyota parts distributors have all informed me that part has been discontinued for over a year.
The problem is joejoe aka Joseph hudspeth, Joseph Lundberg, ECT, lied to me from March until mid August, about the status of the part.
After I filed a claim with my bank CC, for not receiving the part, joeyjoey got mad and said he had recieved the part and had it for over three weeks.
Once again another lie.
So the part is no longer available, discontinued for over a year now, so that means it was discontinued when he supposably ordered it.
I paid joeyjoey in March, and he still has my money, and it's about to be November.
And he is now lying to my bank telling them that the part is on backorder, and he is waiting for it to come in. This joejoe is burying himself in lies.
The amusing thing is his cheerleaders, buddies, with pink hair, purple hair, 2" holes in their earlobes, meth head, ECT, are still praising him like he is a cracked out Messiah.
I love how his wittle fan club attacks anyone that tells the truth about joeyjoey.
Only on the internet. I just laugh. Because anyone can talk tough on the net.
As I said before, I may not get my money back, but wittle joejoejoker is the one that has to live with that. And as long as I'm around I'll continue spreading the bad experience I had with joeyjoey.
There are thousands of other sites to spread , news of his dishonesty, and deception.
Joe hudspeth is in no way partnered with Toyota.
He is getting OEM parts from a guy that works at a Toyota dealership in California .
He claims joejoe is a customer that buys from them and resells.
But it's looking more like the dealership and this smug joejoe character are in this together.
Anyway joejoe took my money in March, never shipped my part. He can't because it's discontinued from Toyota. Yet the coward, still has my $253.00.
He did the same thing to a friend of mine, took $2500.00 from him. Never sent his parts either
I wouldn't buy anything from joejoe. Don't trust that mouthy, little shady and dishonesty creep
what part was that? brake master cyl?
Yes it was ! joejoe ordered a part that has been discontinued from Toyota Motors, for well over a year now. He knew that part was not available.
Ordered in March , no part, and that little clown still holding my money.
He ripped off a friend of mine to ,for $2500.00.
Funny thing is jokerjoejoe the clownboy, thinks he has gotten away with stealing our money. Lmao !! I'm glad he thinks so.
This isn't going away, and I never quit.