MLB thread

Red Sox finally found a team they could beat. 8-1, and 4-2 over Pittsburg. The dingers were flying in those 2 games.
Red Sox got out the broom, and swept Pittsburg today 6-1 taking the series making them one of the best road teams in the league. On the other hand they suck at home.
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Royals blanked by the Orioles and lost the series
Toronto shows whut they got going in KCMO tomorrow
white sox still have but just 3 wins :confused:
i feel the need to get a neat black SOX winter beanie

royals 2 close games against Toronto, both saves
looking sharp going into game 4 at 1 today, then off to Detroit and then cross border at Toronto (again)
MLB office made the call to end the game early in KCMO
Tarp came off after hours and it was muddy as a pig sty
Toronto protested
Cleveland modern-day standard shall never be matched
but it is entirely possible...