My 2012 Tacoma 2.7L base model build/maintenance/stuff thread.


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Day 1:
Signed the papers and drove the truck home. Dealer didn't put any gas in it so that was my first major purchase. Took $52.00 to fill it!
Need the goods: Miles/price/etc. I assume 5MT?
Miss my '05 sometimes, then I remember mine was rusty just not rusty enough...
The body is not perfect. You can see a dent in the R/F fender by the flare. The truck was hit in back tweaking the rear bumper a little and making a small dent in the right bedside (getting that fixed first). The tailgate has a couple of dings but they look to be from using the truck as a truck.

The truck needs a good cleaning inside. I mean real good. Smells like dog and a car that was just detailed. I bought a crevice brush to help with the tight spots on the dash. I need to buy some interior cleaning supplies and spend like a day cleaning it. It's not that dirty but it's not up to my standards.
Probably going to buy a new carpet for it (after the Winter). Definitely going to buy Weathertech's in the next couple days.

I'll have to admit, the truck is slow. Biggest tire I'll be going to is a 31" with a 3" lift. Not looking at a supercharger or re-gear at this point. I also have to look through the receipts to see what service was done (not sure if the plugs were ever changed). It's a one owner truck and it looks like it was serviced every 5,000 miles at a Toyota dealer about 20 minutes from my house.
I spent the better part of the last two days making the truck mine.

By that I mean removing any dealer stuff, plate frames, decals and these little stickers he put all over the truck (something about stolen parts). I also removed the aluminum toolbox, swept out the bed, removed the aftermarket XM radio unit, replaced the bent antenna (friend gave me one). I also removed the old DRL/signal bulb that was left in the right headlamp housing when it was changed (take a close look at my first picture and you'll see it). If it didn't come from Toyota, I tossed it.

Put some good miles on it to see what needs to be done first and what could wait. Truck needs a L/F wheel bearing and the tires need to be balanced.

I also need to ditch the MGM grille surround for the correct color.
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Just went outside and measured from the ground to the bottom of the fender. 36" in the rear (both sides). R/F is 34.5" and L/F is 34".
Just went outside and measured from the ground to the bottom of the fender. 36" in the rear (both sides). R/F is 34.5" and L/F is 34".
I always do it from the center of the hub to bottom of fender this will eliminate the tire size variable.
I was under the rear of the truck today to cut some tie wraps they had bunching the chain up, probably to cut down on noise for potential buyers.

I noticed my truck is wired for a backup camera.
Spare tire chain.
When I had it on the lift at work I saw the tie wraps. Forgot about it until today when I went to remove the small rocks at the gap between the tailgate and bed.
Have to try and see if I could even get the spare down. I'll be buying 5 tires soon and will need to put the new tire under there.