new pcv valve + hose ... aged 27 years


MW surVivor ... clutched. 348k on the 0D0
346346 miles on original valve + hose
THIS is the new setUp...

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Just barely got a rattle
Noticeable diffrence compare to new
+ Old hose harder than lava rock

The whole hole
Left the grommet, it might be only 5 years old
replacement scheduled with an upcoming sooner or later VCG procedure

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replaced the breather foam cap
I bot it about 5 years ago and it finally got put to good use



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Long as you can hear the pcv valve rattle its still working. Its when you shake it, and hear, or feel nothing, it becomes a paper weight.
Btw, those oem toyota hoses are ridiculous money. I just use some generic 7mm hose thats rated for the same purpose.
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yes, that hose even after the neat discount off of MSRP was a bit over 10$

BUT it is form fitted to exact match and contour, unlike generic hose likely is not matched to perfection fit
If I ever paid $10 for one short piece of hose like that, I commit myself. I had several on my tundra that cracked apart. Who gives a crap if form fitted, I don't live with my engine, or look under the hood at it 24/7. I bought several feet of 7mm hose rated for fuel for a few bucks, and cut it as needed replacing many of those hoses. Truck ran fine, no cel's.
Well, I'm not independently wealthy enough at this stage that I can afford a dollar an inch hose. Even if I could, I wouldn't own a tacoma...I'd have a chauffeur, and a limo.
that particular hose is form-fitted for a genuine purpose or so i suppose it is
please do tell me why that is, tacoJoel
thank you :)
I could see form fitted coolant hoses to the radiator, but these small hoses like that tied off with a couple wire ties in critical places is just fine....its what the average auto shop would do saving the customer time, and money, rather than the need to order. If you need to spend foolishly, they need more guys like're good for the economy.
What is the pressure level that escapes the crankcase and feed into through that hose to ventilatoe?
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Yeah, rotating components in the crankcase like the pistons create a low amount of pressure, and blow-by gas's . This is vented through a pvc valve to the intake, and burned off. The more the engine's piston rings become worn with high usage it develops more oily blow-by....reason you see an oil film develop in the intake hose....of course if you have a stuck open pcv valve, this isn't going to help.
Compression test coupled with a Leak Down test will give an indication of the condition. Although, bad valves can also impact the test results.

At the mileage you have.....more than likely a set of rings would not hurt.
If the rings were shot would not the cylinder walls be all scratched and scored up? guess, just a heavy ridge worn it at the top of the bore to remove, and a need to do a hone job with new rings, but imo thats only a band-aid at this point. If it had less than 150k miles, I'd say go for it, but not a ring job at over 300k miles. There's just so much else thats gotta be tired.