Noise concerns

I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma. It has 156k on the motor. There is a screeching noise coming from somewhere but it’s hard to isolate. It only happens when I take off from a stopped position. It only lasts for 2-3 seconds. Although it seems to be getting louder. At a stopped position I put the truck in neutral and rev the engine; no noise. When I shift to D and take off that when the noise happens…,

Any ideas??
If a belt it would do it in park, or neutral every time you stepped on the skinny pedal.
How are the u-joints?
The carrier bearing is a DIY job. The bearing will cost about $120. Many U-tubes on the subject.

It'll take a couple hours. Won't even need to put the truck up on jack stands.
it 'maybe' perhaps DiY...

but do not ever fukkn assume that, boy
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I guess it depends on your skill with a wrench and willingness to get your hands dirty.

Oh....FWIW. I haven't been a "boy" since 1975. Please do not begin name calling. Your pseudo cussing only shows small thinking.

The DIY is pretty straight forward. Drop the rear U-joint, loosen the carrier bearing and remove the bolts. Now the prop shaft will slide out. Remove carrier bearing. Re-assemble.

For $1500, I'd learn how to do the work myself. Even if you had to buy the tools, the spend would be less than $1500.
Yes I am considering that option. I did watch a UTube video. It’s fairly straightforward and yes I would have to but a few tools but again 1500$…wow
A few side benefits.

1. Keeping a large sum of $$$ in your pocket
2. You have tools and experience to tackle the next repair
3. Self-satisfaction.

Many repairs are not terribly complex.

As an example. I have recently completed the following: CV axles both sides, sway bar links both sides, pads and rotors both sides, caliper on RH side, tie rods (inner/outer) both sides and wheel hub bearings both sides. Sounds complex, but the only special tool was a $16 tie rod joint separator. I've collected all the hand tools over many years.
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Idk, about a tacoma...haven't inspected the carrier bearing assembly closely, but I know on my tundra it was crucial to line the drive shaft up perfectly after that bearing was replaced, or you'd get a bunch of vibration.
The Gen2 carrier bearing has very minor R to L adjustments. It does have a bit of fore/aft adjustment.

I did all 5 U-joints and Carrier Bearing about 2 years ago. Not difficult, just careful assembly and pressing. An arbor press is a good tool for this task.

The Carrier Bearing is just a slip fit.
These u-joint caps can even be pressed by using a heavy enough bench vice as a poor man's press if you don't have one.