Oil weeping spotted in unfamiliar spot...


MW surVivor ... clutched. 348k on the 0D0
Hi all :)
Checking crank case oil level today after a hot run and spotted this
it is beyond me where this hose, looks like some vacuum vent hosing? Goes to exactly,?? The other end disappears behind the driver side rear valve cover area
Noticed it moistened with oily
I took it out of the snorkel tube attachment area and there is small bit of oily inside the tubing
Plz help!!
i showed the hose that is under investigation, its location and routing to where it goes deep buried
Stuck finger into hole
Definite oily slime inside
Not normal??

27 year old pcv valve was more than half clogged, it barely rattled
Possibly the explanation?
There could be many explanations with nearly 350,000 miles on a marginally maintained vehicle.
You can maintain an engine to your hearts content, but when its turned that many revolutions in 350k miles its considered worn out developing excessive blow-by, no denying it. I've seen many engines with cracked, or broken piston rings when they get that far, yet still run.
how do i get all of that inspected and maintained to proper specs?

that OG with the '02 taco in the SE has over 700k on his rig and i cannot find any mention of it not being on the first engine

his usedID at that other rag is tpole
could it just be a mere case of abnormal unusual operation over the course of 12 weeks ???
Some engines get replaced, or rebuilt once they exceed 250k miles. Other vehicles end up in the boneyard, and are parted out. You want to keep pushing yours to a certain number, just be warned you maybe walking at some point.
Btw, I wouldn't rely on your internet groupies for the whole truth.
the truck did leave me stranded once and walking during the winter when the 4wd was found not working proper and i was stuck in the middle of a canyon, only way was up in all directions
had to walk it almost 2 miles in the blistering sleet and cold wind for assistance, hopping over snowpiles