Running boards

Mine is a two wheel drive sport. My wife is short. I just went with the Toyota steps. Look good and work for my wife. Oh, she tried them out on a truck at the dealer to make sure before I bought them. If I had a four wheel drive I would have looked at any of the known brand offerings that are both rock rails and steps. The prices vary from very cheap (and worthless) to mega bucks where you pay for a name without any additional functionality.
I'd think twice on some running boards like predator steps. I had them, and they suck in the winter here. They can become flat out dangerous to step on when you get snow, and ice build up on them. If in a warm climate, no worries.
I was torn between the predator style steps and this style. I finally decided on these because I was afraid I might end up banging my legs on the predator steps getting in and out. I do like them though (predators that is). Another reason I have step bars is to keep a$$holes in parking lots from dinging up my doors.
I basically got the predator steps so the wife could get in the truck a lot easier. Never realized they could be dangerous to step on in the winter when we had snow and ice. At any rate they came off over a year ago. I sold them on crag's list. I'm still up in the air as far as installing something any better.
For someone like your wife who needs a step up to get in the truck, I'm sure the preds would be the ticket for that. I really seldom step on my step bars to get in the truck, I just put them on for looks and protection in parking lots. Snow and Ice aren't a concern either here in AZ
I got a set of Tyger boards off of Amazon for $159. They have gone up a few bucks since then. They are $179 now.


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So much for these steps, I gotta find a better deterrent to stop all these birds from crapping on my truck. Everyday I have to bring the hose out before the sun bakes their crap on like cement.

I'd think by now, you'd realize birds abhor a clean vehicle.

Quit washing it and quit parking under trees.

My white truck is a favorite target when the blue berries and black berries come into season. Dark purple schmutz that its nasty.
I never actually wash it, only to hose the poop off, or it looks like I parked it for a year inside a chicken farm. It's the color quicksand that seems to make these birds wanna poop all over the truck. No trees, or wires nearby either. My last truck was grayish/silver, no poop like this ever.
I parked my Tundra in a parking garage at the airport for a couple of days. Didn't realize pigeons had a nest on the beam right above me. Sure realized it when I got back. What a mess!