Say nothing, Do nothing, Be nothing...

i was in the parts of Missouri that should that BS the democrat soldiers did in 2o2o with no relevant quashing by the law enforcement in so many instances, these are the folks that will be coming out of the woodies and taking the law enforcement upon themselves to save their country if nothing else

just like TEXAS people (with help from other concerned citizens from other states) should have done did at the friggin southern border and miserably failed to do so :(
vote for Kennedy is what many need to be doing and stop slobbing on that Brandon pedophile prick

maybe his pick for VP running mate will help some?
i do not know much about her at this very moment in time

This 3rd party is going to automatically sink brandon if he has any hope to begin with. Get ready for the dem war machine to begin its dirty tricks. As far as kennedy's vp pick, I don't think its going to make a difference one way, or another.
"Brandon ought to use some of that lume around the face ... Always some stench whenever he opens that facehole"
Yeah, but there will always be those that love brandon no matter what. Your going to see many of the dems come together in the end...hold their nose, and try to elect brandon back.
younger seem to follow the trendy of the day
If Brandon is weak weak and orangeman is macho macho
Which one do the youngsters gravitate to?