TacticalTanTacoma build (2016)

hey guys, I'm new here. James ( taco cruiser) told me to join (I'm on TW as bflofoxrider).
Anyways, I picked my 2016 trd off-road up the first week of October and quickly threw a few quick and easy mods on. Did a custom satoshi grille with mesh and letters from custom car grills, 50" curved lughtbar on the roof with relentless fab mounts, and 'ditch' or hood pods with mounts from cbi off-road. My truck is currently undergoing cosmetic surgery at the fabrication shop and I'll post those pics and info when I pick it up later this week. Bear with me on pictures, I'll upload them as my stupid iPhone allows. Also, I'm in Colorado if anyone local wants to hit some trails on the weekends.
I've also changed my Instagram to be for my truck so its easier to follow the build and progress. If anyone is interested, my Instagram name is TacticalTanTacoma

Here's the day after I bought it.
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First thing I did was paint match the fenders (ignore the other mods pictured)
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The next pictures are throughout the minor mods I Did myself. 50" lightbar with relentless fab roof mounts, Light pods on the hood with CBI Offroad Fab ditch light brackets. also did a satoshi grille with mesh and letters from Matt At Customcargrills. Also traded hoods with someone who had a sport.
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Did you paint the stars and stripes yourself? Or did you order them that way?