Vibrations in steering wheel

Was a real fun truck '68 -327 60 over , 202 '69 350, 2 hump camel heads .375 horse factory cam w/turbo 400 w/shift kit. '74 duster disc brakes up from . 8" Granada rear w/3.38 gears .It ran like a scalded cat !
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The last nasty vibe I had in the steering wheel was that china wheel bearing replaced that was imploding in on itself
Happened wheeling at highway speeds on hot summer days
It was terrifying in highspeed traffic with that wheel jerking in my hands
Monkey that put bearing in said the tires were cupping is what that vibe was
oh it was a reality...
part of tacoma hisTory right there
that vibe from 'cupping' went away once that china bearing was fully roasted inside there