I live in Rocky Mount VA. Anyone know of any good shops around to have a lift installed?
That place does a good job. They installed the lift on my old wrangler a few years ago. Charges 250 for labor and is usually done the next business day.
Hey man I am not sure right off hand what type of lift u going with. You have any friends with tacomas, we need to get a group and meet and talk trucks and what we plan on doing
I'm wanting bilstein 5100 up front with an add a leaf in the rear. I'm tempted to try it myself but don't want to mess anything up.
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Front; Light Racing UCA's ,OME 886 springs, new Toyota LCA's and all bushing and can adjusters
Rear; OME Dakar Leafs, not pictured 2" blocks under the spring pack now. Extended brake lines.
Just did front Rotors, Pads, remanufactured Calipers!
Cap helped the cap guy put it on! Bumpers got Linex I installed them! Winch in the ARB I did! The front bumper with Linex is heavy installing it alone!!!!! Videos online shows you how to install front struts and springs with a floor Jack no spring compressor needed!!