What have you done to your Tacoma today?


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Drove the ‘18 to the gun club this am. Shot this nice lil group with the Remington 700 Police 223. View attachment 33480
Reminds me of a buddy when we went to the range at his gun club. He place a nickel taped to a target at the 100 yd. line. Took his scoped 30/06, an placed a round right through the center of the nickel.
In other action i took my weatherby mark 22 at the 50 yard mark and placed 10 rounds in a dime size circle. Its my favorite 22 rifle for sniping squirrels.


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ugh thought it was 80 degrees celsius.
I used Meguiar’s Gold Class liquid wax in the shade was easy to pamper. Considering nano ceramic coating for next application. Any knowledge of this type?
I've used Blackfire Crystal Seal. A little goes a long way. Have only heard good things about other nano ceramic coatings from other folks on various forums, so I believe they are all good.