Wisconsin Tacoma road rally/Breakfast/Brewery

Saturday September 1,2018
Meet 9 AM at the
pinecone Deforest Wisconsin

Breakfast at the Pinecone in Deforest, Wisconsin and cruise to New Glarus brewery for a self guided tour and a few beers in the tasting room

Let me know who’s in .

I’ll see ya Saturday September 1,2018
9am at the pinecone Restaurant
De forest,Wisconsin

The brewery has plenty of parking and I plan on the self guided tour and finishing off the day in the tasting room. $8 pints (souvenir glass) and $3.50 refills
3 flight sampler $8
Oh yeah!!!!


Saturday September 1
Meet and drink!
Pinecone restaurant in Deforest Wisconsin to New Glarus Brewery
Meet up at 9 am Head to the Brewery at 10am

Pine cone restaurant Deforest
Address: 6162 US Highway 51, DeForest, WI 53532-2958

grab breakfast and head down to the brewery for a self guided tour and a few drinks in the tasting room!
Bring your friends and family (we are going to a brewery buts it Wisconsin so it’s fine!)

New Glarus Brewery
2400 WI-69, New Glarus, WI 53574

Here’s a list of the peeps so far:

@BEAR_KNIFE_FIGHT [emoji818]️
@Ajmogen [emoji818]️
@Klawler125 [emoji818]️
Cams [emoji818]️
Taco-no lettuce [emoji818]️

The list of maybes and if nothing better is happening peoples:

Thatbassguy Maybe
@TacoJosh82 maybe
@scottsglock29 maybe

The list of people I contacted:

Unable to attend
@Larry Dangerfield “not available “
@sparkystaco “Not available “
@jmonz444 “not available “
@Mattynokes “ not available “
@deekyn “not available “

Sorry .. stole the list from the camping rip and my detective work scanning the forum ![/


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