World Series Game 1 Texas vs Arizona

He'll yeah!!! Final score 5 - 0 Rangers!!! They finally won the World Series! I've literally waited for this my whole life and I'm 47!
Hey TexasBigBlue are you gonna keep this thread open for next year when the Rangers head to the World Series again?? Especially if it's them and the Rattlesnakes again?? :D
You know how you kill a snake?? You have to cut its head off! Them rattlers sure were doing a lot of rattling in Game 5 until they got their head cut off! :D
reports are only a few watched this series

the fewest audience in WS history ever they said
There's something I'm kinda curious about. I jokingly referred to the D-Backs as rattlesnakes because I know the Diamondback is a type of rattlesnake. I've also heard of another type of rattlesnake called the timber rattler. My question is does anybody know the difference between the Diamondback and the timber rattler? Also what types of rattlesnakes are there and what's the differences between them if anybody knows? Just curious, personally I hate snakes!!!