2016 auto transmission vibration

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by gar, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. gar

    gar Member

    I have seen a lot of new 2016 owners saying there is a vibration problem with the auto Trans at 2100-2300 RPM on another forum. I don't see much about it here?
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  3. toyotafrog

    toyotafrog New Member

    I sell Toyotas and I haven't heard anything about transmission vibration from any of my customers. I really would like to know more about how many have been reporting this.
  4. OP

    gar Member

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  5. OP

    gar Member

    I was planing on buying a 2016 in the next couple of weeks but I have been reading several of the Tacoma forums and there seems to be a vibration problem with the auto transmissions between 2100-2300 RPM. I will wait to see if this is resolved before I buy one. What city do you sell Toyotas in?
  6. taco cruiser

    taco cruiser Well-Known Member

    I drove from Colorado Springs Colorado to Madison Wisconsin and drove 75-85 mph all the way there and all the way back and had 0 issues. I have the 2016 Trd off-road double cab.

    2016 Tacoma Trd Off-road. (Silver Bullet)
    2015 Tacoma Sr5. (Polar Bear)
  7. OP

    gar Member

    From what I have read it is the AT 4x4 SR's and sports that seem to have the vibration problem. Have you tried to manually shift yours to keep it in the 2100 to 2300 rpm range to check it out? The transmission seems to try to stay out of this rpm range.
  8. cj2016

    cj2016 Active Member

    Might be the torque converter locking in. When shifting through gears.
  9. JR3

    JR3 New Member

    Yep. I just got '16 TRD off road 4x4. Vibration @20 to 30 mph, more pronounced in deceleration. Dealership had it half day yesterday only to say they don't know what it is. Opened tech case with Toyota.
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  10. taco cruiser

    taco cruiser Well-Known Member

    It has to do with transmission shifting issue. Software update soon to come ..
  11. JR3

    JR3 New Member

    You KNOW this?
  12. taco cruiser

    taco cruiser Well-Known Member

    I get what I feel is like a twist or kink somewhere mostly when I am taking of after switching from reverse to drive also if I am driving and come to a slowdown to around 10-14 mph and accelerate will also feel like a kink. I explained issue to dealer ( by the way is on 16 Trd off road) was advised that it was from slip yolk coming from transfer case needed lube. Had it lubed while at dealership did not do it again till I left dealership and got home. I believe is some issue somewhere but not there. I am more inclined to believe is in the software issue and shifting sequence. Was advised by Toyota regional rep fix coming soon as they have known about issue and are working and testing resolution before it will be released. Updates will be checked and corrected at one of oil change service intervals .. To be announced here in near future. Should be an issue on all 2016 models not just a few.

    2016 Tacoma Trd Off-road. (Silver Bullet)
    2015 Tacoma Sr5. (Polar Bear)
  13. juandel702

    juandel702 Tacos

    I have a TRD sport and travel two hours a day on the highway for work and currently have 2300 miles and I have never had any vibration that is not normal with a truck traveling on a road.
  14. bob259

    bob259 Member

    I picked up mine on 12/23 and have no vibration.
  15. JR3

    JR3 New Member

    Mine seems slightly more pronounced now. I went back to the dealership and they put me off saying they addressed it, and its likely inherent to the design. I said may be, but it's a flaw. I drove same model truck as mine on the lot, same vibration, to a lesser extent though. However I didn't really notice mine til @1300 miles. Beginning to irritate the $**t out of me. At 20 to 25 mph it feels a lot like riding on buckshot mudders. A new product shouldn't feel rough like that. Its screwing up my enjoyment of an otherwise kickass truck.
  16. Brawndo

    Brawndo Member

    I feel it a little when slowing down, like from 20mph and below. Thought it was the tires, but not so sure now.
  17. JR3

    JR3 New Member

    Thats exactly what I thought it felt like but knew the OE tires wouldn't do that...not that aggressive a tread. It's not the tires. You're feeling exactly the same vibration at same speeds as mine.
  18. mingoman

    mingoman New Member

    I got a Sport 4x4 automatic in November and right away I noticed the strong buzzing vibration in the gas pedal and steering wheel when the truck was accelerating between 2,000-2,500 range. I took it into the dealer multiple times. At first, they told me it was likely normal because another Sport they test-drove had the same issue. But I started driving other Off-Road models and those didn't have it. So I said, "what gives?" They couldn't explain that. So I complained to Toyota corporate and had it back to the dealer several times. Finally, a field technical specialist came out and looked at it. We took a long drive and he documented the issue. Last I heard Toyota customer rep told me that they're taking the next steps to address the issue and evaluating the trucks of other customers who have complained. When they learn something, they'll call me. This is annoying as hell. It's not a slight vibration. It's a hard-a** buzz in the pedal and steering column. Now it's getting worse. I feel it all the way through 1000-2,500 RPMs. Also discovered this week that the truck has the slightest driveline shudder on takeoff going through 10 miles per hour. It's very slight, but I thought that was "totally gone" on the 16 models???:mad:
  19. NapalmTRD

    NapalmTRD Well-Known Member

    Your tears could form a lake, gentlemen... History tells the intelligent to avoid first year models of anything unless there's an intended turn-around on it. If you haven't sold yours by now, you'll have to wait until Toyota gets their "specialists" to correct the issues
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  20. psreich

    psreich Member

    Glad I bought the manual gearbox! Shifts as smoothly as my Mini Cooper wit a slightly longer throw.
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  21. Dano72trd

    Dano72trd New Member

    I have a 2016 trd off road access cab and have 250 miles on it and noticed the vibration on deceleration also figured it was tires but probably not now!!! I will have to wait and see what Tsb,s come out but glad it's not just me being nuts lol!!
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