Back to the Future Toyota Pickup

Discussion in 'Toyota Pickup Forum' started by Nathan, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    Finally found a pic of my HiLux! It wasn't a 4x4 but still a Taco. Not the best shot. Best I've found so far. For some reason I didn't take to many of it and most are just partial pics like this one.

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  3. tacomalimited

    tacomalimited 2018 dcsb mgm limited 4x4

  4. HellaNella420

    HellaNella420 Well-Known Member

    I'd rock that truck today. That thing is $$€£¥$$
  5. Quarterhorsepower

    Quarterhorsepower Well-Known Member

    I just posted a picture of my 1979 4x4 in another thread, but here is a copy.. Check it out! [​IMG]
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  6. tacomalimited

    tacomalimited 2018 dcsb mgm limited 4x4

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  7. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    Nice! That's even older than mine. They don't make them like that anymore. :laughing:
  8. OP

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

  9. marrone04

    marrone04 Well-Known Member

    Too much money in my opinion. Especially if its not an exact replica. I'm sure he will get a buyer though.
  10. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    I had that same truck as back to the future.. exactly the same.. 22 r motor 5 speed...sold it with 270k on it ..needed head work...boy that truck road stiff..bed rusted off so I put a 94 bed on it .. I have had a Toyota from 80's...2 of 90's now 05... newer ones rides MUCH better... as for Dewight's post,mpg will be getting better....government mandated already
  11. OP

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

  12. jhon

    jhon New Member

    Hello i am jhon froma panama
  13. mp31bng

    mp31bng Member

    That is a good looking truck
  14. Camren Harris

    Camren Harris Well-Known Member

    I know this is old but I completely agree
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  15. Camren Harris

    Camren Harris Well-Known Member

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  16. jdr3366

    jdr3366 Well-Known Member

    Love your truck. But the concept is not worth the bucks, IMO.
  17. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    That’s the one from the movie haha not Nathan’s
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  18. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    I would love to have that truck. Darn that Michael J. Fox and his cool truck.
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  19. cranito4to

    cranito4to Well-Known Member

    Something like this, first truck best one I ever had... PhotoGrid_1524863458519.jpg
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  20. jdr3366

    jdr3366 Well-Known Member

    Really like the look of your truck. Can you send more pic?
  21. texasred

    texasred Well-Known Member

    Rent the movie Back To The Future. It’s at the end in the garage.
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