Favorite Modification?

Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation' started by Nathan, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. MonkeyProof

    MonkeyProof Power Top

    Meh..can I fit a 09+ in my 08. Can't see **** during the day when wearing sun glasses, same goes for the compass/temp thingy
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  3. Jerez

    Jerez LED swap hombre

    Yes sir you can...I swapped mine as well for that reason and to match it with the rest :thumbsup:

    The compass can't be swap tho :(
  4. tostidos

    tostidos Well-Known Member

    The compass is the first thing to fry anyways! I just learned to live with out it.
  5. Jerez

    Jerez LED swap hombre

    ya i know...easy fix that shouldnt "break" in the first place lol
  6. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    Lift and tires for sho.:cool: or anything suspension for that matter
  7. Detective_Dan

    Detective_Dan Because RaceTruck....

    Supercharger for sure
  8. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    I did say suspension and tires earlier, but the grey wire mod is so awesome it has to be up there too. Doesnt get much better for the price.
  9. TacoDawgfan

    TacoDawgfan Well-Known Member

    My 5100's with the rear leaf tsb. Truck rides and looks much better sitting level.
  10. mabbw

    mabbw Member

    Adding a switch to turn off the ABS fo sho
  11. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Still need to do this ^ I almost flew off the side of a cliff last night because of ABS :mad:
  12. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Idk if I could pick a favorite mod.... I think the wheels and tires make the look of the truck, but my system is more practical since I listen to that every second I'm in the truck. And since it sounds amazing, I'd say the system is my favorite. Soo many choices though
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  13. ST3VE

    ST3VE Authorized User

    Hood scoop light bar or halo headlights.
  14. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Halos with retros or without?
  15. MGMTacoLover

    MGMTacoLover Well-Known Member

    I have yet to do one major mod but I would say either sound system or bilstein 5100s with eibach coils
  16. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Yeah I was gonna say my 5100's because I love how smooth the ride is for how cheap the shocks are, and for basic trail offroading they handle pretty decent too. But i had to pick my system over the shocks cuz I'm a big audio buff lol
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  17. NJtacoma

    NJtacoma Rocking a Taco Since 2000

    When I dumped the stock dunflop tires, those things are horrible.
  18. Manwithoutaplan

    Manwithoutaplan MOnty Lives on

    I would say Arb lockers and gears and rear bumper.
  19. ST3VE

    ST3VE Authorized User

    I purchased the halo headlights from a company called Spyder... something. They just needed to be resealed for moisture purposes.

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  20. ST3VE

    ST3VE Authorized User

    What the dag?! So you will have to turn your computer sideways or push it on the ground to see my photo. But these are the lights.
  21. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Haha I get it still

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