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Discussion in 'Off-Road' started by PinkTaco, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    That's exactly how mine looks right now. Lol

    16' TRD Off Road DCLB Inferno
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  3. kraftmatic

    kraftmatic Well-Known Member

    Puppy in the back of my yota ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1463099291.185222.jpg
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  4. ray1290

    ray1290 New Member

  5. jay halili

    jay halili Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1463106786.492231.jpg

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  6. OP

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    Irish Spring setter?
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  7. OP

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    Best dog pic yet lol his face says it all
  8. WiskyT

    WiskyT Well-Known Member

    Am I loosing it, or are some of these pics becoming deja vu all over again?
  9. OP

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

  10. rosenbet

    rosenbet Member

  11. Rojoe123

    Rojoe123 Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1464453072.019474.jpg
    Oh, my dog sorry
    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1464453110.915466.jpg

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  12. mikcas13

    mikcas13 Active Member

    Mika and Parker. They are Spanish Water dogs ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1464462818.505162.jpg
  13. WiskyT

    WiskyT Well-Known Member

    Note the grey feather sticking out of his mouth...

  14. cllowe

    cllowe Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1464729745.630212.jpg

    Negligence on your part does not constitute a emergency on my part
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  15. cali97

    cali97 Member

  16. ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1467819018.306053.jpg
    My co-pups..Colt the Dane and Georgia the puggle
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  17. speedoptic

    speedoptic New Member

  18. Zmuda01

    Zmuda01 New Member

    She's supposed to be a lap dog. She thinks she's a hunting dog.

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  19. Kelsey

    Kelsey Member

    Yogi bear is a long haired Akita that is over 100lbs
    Elsa is a German Shepherd that is 90lbs.

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  20. bondreedbond

    bondreedbond Member

    My new puppy
    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1475539630.725914.jpg
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  21. yotathang

    yotathang Active Member

    Nellie, German Shepherd & Carolina dog mix. ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1475544184.791439.jpg
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