What do you do for Work?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by The Fenwick, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    So what do you guys do for work? Trying to see what kind of a crowd we have here, and get to know you lot better.
    As for me, I work construction full time for Coastal Cities Construction. My neighbor is my boss. We do everything from framing to roofing, demo, sheetrock, tile, paint, roofing, trim, etc. We usually end up doing a lot of roofing. On the side, I collect/disassemble scrap metal and take it to One Steel Recycling. I take anything from dead appliances to car parts to soda cans. Anything metal, I take it. And at night, I run a paper route with my dad for the Virginian Pilot. That usually runs us from 3 in the morning to about 6, but on Sundays, it's from 1:30 to 6-6:60. On Sundays, some of my siblings come with us to help, as seen in one of the pictures below.
    Roof job we just finished up yesterday. Simple 6 pitch roof, 2 valleys. Finished about 5 minutes before it started raining yesterday. I'm off today because of the rain, so I'm about to go run a load of scrap metal.
    Paper route madness! This is one Sunday where my brother Jacob (left) and older sister Iva (middle) came with us. That's me on the right, for those who don't already know me. My two other siblings, Ryan and Rebecca did not come with us that night.
    Here's a small sample of scrap I have taken in. I just load it in the van and haul it down to One Steel.
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    I'm an Inventory Control Clerk for a major liquor distributor. So a boring desk job but it pays pretty good, I have a pension and we are recession proof.
  4. OP
    The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    Wish I had a pension/salary instead of pay by hour. :D Your job is definitely recession-proof- people are always going to want their alcohol- maybe even more with the rough times, eh?
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  5. Ghost

    Ghost Well-Known Member

    I am a mortgage processor.
  6. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    We get a pension because of the union. We are also hourly. Nice perks but this union sucks. Everyone just cries here and they worry about where you shop.

    The booze always sells. During the hard times the expensive stuff slows a bit while the crap(popov) sales jump. Haha. People still buy outrageously priced booze all the time though. It's the 1%.:D
  7. OP
    The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    Ah, I see. Not many unions around here- I've found that unions are mostly a Northern thing. From what I understand all unions do is p*ss and moan and want more than they need. My company is too small to be unionized, (just me, my boss, his cousin, and sometimes my boss's two brothers) nor is there a need for it to be.
    Folks are always going to want their liquor, that's for sure! Even when times are tight, you can still find plenty of people at the liquor store. I'd definitely say your job is safe. xD
  8. Tacoma fan

    Tacoma fan Well-Known Member

    I'm a Meat Cutter .... Steak anyone!! :)
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    LUSETACO Resident Cheapskate Moderator

    A Chef with more than 25 years experience.
  10. NJtacoma

    NJtacoma Rocking a Taco Since 2000

    I am in IT, Windows Server Admin. It pays the bills I am in no way a computer geek. :thumbup:
  11. NJtacoma

    NJtacoma Rocking a Taco Since 2000

    I have that same hammer and I love it, I do some side jobs with my cousin who is a contractor. I call it my stress reveler from sitting in a cubicle all day.
  12. OP
    The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    The antivibe is the best hammer I've ever owned!! That's actually my boss's in the picture there, (we have 4 of that same hammer in the truck) I've got the newer one, done by Bostitch. Same hammer in every way but color. I used to have a big old Vaughan California Framer. That thing was so big that I cut a few inches off the handle with the Skil saw on purpose because it was tripping me up hanging at my waist.

    Oh God, my boss told me to google map one of our old job sites today. We did this job over the summer, and it looks like the Google truck went by and saw us on the job! That's me on the ground (redhead picking up shingles,) my boss Mike by the Mansard window, and Wayne on the top. Best part was when our plumber friend Sam chased the truck. xD
  13. AWorthyOpponent

    AWorthyOpponent Well-Known Member

    Private Armed Security and Personal Protection.
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  14. OP
    The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    Now that's gotta be some money right there! Quite an interesting job, I would think.
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  15. ae111black

    ae111black Moderator Moderator

    Outside sales rep for NAPA. To me the best job in the world!
  16. Meat_Whistle

    Meat_Whistle Superior to skin flute

    Currently a student engineer at an explosives testing facility. In June I start my new job as a test engineer with Honda R&D working on suspension and handling.
  17. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    Really? Man, that's two awesome jobs from the sounds of it.
  18. Konaborne

    Konaborne Well-Known Member

    student lab assistant for all lower level biology labs at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus

    coordinator of a county children's program over the summer too...

    working on enlisting with the National Guard to go through our ROTC program
  19. Sippi

    Sippi Well-Known Member

    Project Manager for a software development company.
  20. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Same here :thumbup:
  21. Meat_Whistle

    Meat_Whistle Superior to skin flute

    Majoring in mechanical engineering has its perks.

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