When and Where Did YOU First Offroad?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by P-Trac, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. P-Trac

    P-Trac AKA Gregero

    Let's hear some stories. Pop open a beer and start using those bragging balls.

    I kinda grew up offroading just never knew it was a sport; My old man would take us out to certain mountain ranges- La Posta, McCain Valley, Sheephead, Kitchen Creek- to shoot and camp in his stock VW bug- I'm talking ridiculous ruts n loose rocks. Now that I look back- He was a great driver, putting a bug through all that ****.

    My eyes kinda opened up to sport itself after riding an ATV for the first time. Got the truck soon after for an ATV hauler then met up with TW and the ATV thing kinda fell off. I can thank Ocotillo Wells for that.
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  3. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    Hum. hard to say. I remember doing some in 1982 down at the Kansas River in a 3/4 ton '69 International P/U.

    One time does stand out in 1990 a trip to Arizona, a bud & me rented a stationwagon from Hertz and proceeded to drive it across the Colorado River. We wanted to see the Grand Falls on the Navajo Reservation, he thought I was nuts and so did the Indians on the other side but I drove her across without any problems. :laughing:
    Glad I bought the lost damage waiver! Always did when renting cars I took across the country, they always came back busted up for some reason :whistling2:

    My Taco's 1st time will be July 20~1st this year at an event at Kansas Rocks Park.
  4. OP

    P-Trac AKA Gregero

    holy hell. Sounds like a bad ass journey.
  5. HellaNella420

    HellaNella420 Well-Known Member

    Good lordy thats a trip
  6. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    It was awesome! We did many long trips like that all over the west. Camped along the way, the rentals were covered, they told us we could drive it off a cliff and it was covered. :laughing:
    We almost did once :blink:

    Lots of good memories & photo's! This was of course when gas was a buck a gallon! Last long trip was 2004 to Oregon in my PreRunner with the 2nd wife. But yeah a work bud of mine would take 2 weeks off and we'd drive where ever, split the cost, usually the farthest point we would stay with a relative, his grandparents in AZ or my brother in Oregon. Lots of fun!
  7. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    Oh almost forgot my brother had a '85 4x4 Taco with monster wheels on it 37", we did a lot of wheelin in Oregon back then. :thumbsup:

    I have a couple pics of it, I'll have to dig them up and post.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  8. TacoJoe11

    TacoJoe11 Well-Known Member

    My first off roading story is not as epic as others. I grew up with my grandparents having a farm with a couple hundred acres of land. When I was 16 I had a 1983 chevy S10 single cab long bed that was my daily driver. Took it out in the fields one day and raced my brother on a quad. Got stuck in a mud hole at the bottom of a hill and he had to push me out. Gave that truck hell and always stayed in one piece. I haven't done much hardcore off roading, but i plan on doing some wheeling with my cousin and his rubicon in northern WI.
  9. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    It started about 8 years ago in a dirt field called the wash. It was the trash dumping ground for cheap idiots that didn't want to pay dumping fees and the hangout for a bunch of kids. The trails where dirt roads with no real obstacles. There was a small incline next to there area where everyone would park and hang out. The cops would come out and break it up once in a while because people would drink and the fire department would come put out the massive bon fire.

    Anyway I bought my first truck because I had gotten into trouble street racing so I decided something slower would be better for me so I started wheeling. I don't care for wheeling like I used to though. I miss hauling ass in a fast car.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2013
  10. user458

    user458 Registered Users

    When I first offended

    It's none of your damned business when I first offended. And furthermore. Oops,
    Ooh, when I first off roaded. I can't remember
  11. TRFKND

    TRFKND Well-Known Member

    When my 2013 DCLB hit 1K miles went to Ka'ena Point (OAHU-HAWAII) ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1375202420.000560.jpg

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  12. Tacoma Dave

    Tacoma Dave Well-Known Member

    Glamis California 1978, was my first offroad experience. Been addicted ever since.
  13. KennyF

    KennyF Well-Known Member

    I gotta check to see if there are trails in Pennsylvania to roll on.
  14. OffroadTaco4x4

    OffroadTaco4x4 Well-Known Member

    I've been offloading all my life, (which is only 16 years) my grandad had a 89 Chevy extended cab step side 4x4 and we would take that thing out every summer since I was born and go down trails and do some rock crawling. But the first time I ever offloaded by myself was my 16th birthday. The day before I stayed up all night installing my lift and new tires I bought my self for my birthday. Woke up, mom took me to the DMV and I got my license with a perfect score. Got home called up my buddy with a 89 Toyota truck and we went back be hind the local kohls, yes the place that sells clothes, there are tons of trails behind this one, some mud, and some rock crawling, I had the time of my life that day, and I've been to different places just about every weekend! And about two months ago I got into an accident (it wasn't my fault) and now for the first summer I had my license I haven't been about to drive my pride and joy.
  15. OP

    P-Trac AKA Gregero

    Sh1t, man. that's gotta be hard- having to have had already wheeled it then get your license and not be able to. That'd kill me.

    lol I gotta visit this Kohls of yours for some "shopping"
  16. OffroadTaco4x4

    OffroadTaco4x4 Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah I love going there to get "great deals". I really can't complain tho, I'm extremely lucky to have such A nice first truck. I'm supposed to go pick it up Friday.
  17. Brendan

    Brendan Well-Known Member

    You're a solid dude for saying thatt kid.. Most 16yo kids btch and whine to high hell...expecting their parents to buy em some sweet Audi or hooked up boss 'stang or something "brand spankin' new"..gots mad respect for ya in taking pride in your truck.. wether its a beater, or something nicer....I used to loathe them kids in high school who were over-entitled lil pricks with daddy's escalade.. sitting there trying to convince girls it was theirs.. My first ride was a hand-me-down AWD Oldsmobile bravada that i bought (with my own hard earned dough) but yea, Than one day I was driving home after some serious mudding, literally turned onto my street and the whole ball joint/upper control arm snapped and the tire collapsed into the wheel well...Bout a year later (probably from the 175k miles on it and me beating the piss n' snot out of it... like most 16yr old kids) the engine started knocking and that was the end of that.. Bought an s-10... and been in love with small/midsize pickups ever since..
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
  18. OffroadTaco4x4

    OffroadTaco4x4 Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot man, I've spent my whole life savings on this truck so far. The deal with my parents was I pay for the down payment, insurance, any mods, and if it ever needs repair. They pay for the monthly payments till I get out if highschool. I didn't get the truck back today :( but they promised me it would be back Monday, all they have to do is check the computer to make everything is good then ill be back on the road. And yeah there are alot of kids like that at my school they don't appreciate what they get.
  19. Brendan

    Brendan Well-Known Member

    My first off road adventure was up at my mountain house in the pocono.. I was 15, my cousin had a bronco on something like Some 35's.. There was 2 feet of snow....so.. ..We tied up an old inner tube to a tow strap (like the big black ones that are for big-rig tires).. he's dragging me and his brother on this thing doing like 30-35 mph, whips a turn and sent us flying over an embankment and into the trees lol, he felt sorta bad so he let me have a go at the wheel.. Plowing through the snow in that beast was so awesome that I was
    Instantly hooked on offloading..
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
  20. Brendan

    Brendan Well-Known Member

    Bummer yeah I read that ya had a lil fender bender.. Sucks that that happened in your first ride, especially a sweet taco like ya got... but probably wont be the last time some Nimrod messes your ish up... lotta assholy drivers out There to look out for...but yea... No worries man.. you got the rest of your life to haul around and tear stuff up and got plenty of crazy awesome times to come...enjoy em.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
  21. OffroadTaco4x4

    OffroadTaco4x4 Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah that's defiantly true. Yeah I got ran off the road by some idiot texting and driving and he was driving in my lane, I drive into a small drainage ditch and 40 then hit a drive way and it crumpled my cab a little and bent up the suspension.

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