Who is towing a travel trailer?

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by bumpedmyhead, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. OP

    bumpedmyhead Well-Known Member

    Im using Tekonsha P3 from etrailer. Came with the harness, which plugs in behind drivers side kick panel. I drilled a hole in the left cubby for the wire and just kinda jammed the controller in. Works great, fits good without any brackets.
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  3. OP

    bumpedmyhead Well-Known Member

    Heres a pic installed 20190214_082017.jpeg
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  4. 2mnycars2remember

    2mnycars2remember New Member

    I have the same Jayco tt & a stock 2018 TRD-OR with a Hensley cub hitch. There is virtually no sway. Drove from Long Island NY to Nashville & back. That hitch is pure magic.
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  5. TacomaRob

    TacomaRob Member

    New to forums and this is what I tow Palomini 180FB 20191117_162722.jpeg
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  6. I pull a R pod it pulls great and the trailers is easy to tow. But i have been thinking about going a little bigger and maybe double axle like a Minnie Winnie by Winnebago.
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  7. TacomaRob

    TacomaRob Member

    I thought about a double axle trailer but got a good deal on the Palomini I bought. We looked at the RPods but weren't totally satisfied with them. But, to each his own as to what they like in RVing.
  8. Darke19

    Darke19 New Member

    So, I surfed Tacoma Forums for months to include this one and did all the research I could. I’m generally a thorough person, especially when it comes to a big purchase like a camper. I bought a 3,800lb camper and fully examined the load capacity of my 2019 Tacoma TRD using an estimated tongue weight that was 200lbs more than the dry weight (I did my load out and used 15% to determine). I also chose a slimmer camper (7.5 ft wide and aerodynamic front). I was legal when I towed it the first time (inside my payload and under the max for combined and trailer). I used a properly set up WD hitch with sway control and had a brake controller. Let me tell you, it was not fun. If I could this all over again I would of bought a roof top tent.

    1. The truck really, and I didn’t want to believe this, is underpowered. I did all the tricks, ECT mode, rowed my own gears, stayed out of 5th or higher. Honestly I lived in 2nd and 3rd. 40-55 mph, I saw 4th a few times.

    2. The brakes/ transmission are not up to the task. I did properly set up my trailer brake controller, but engine braking is non existent and forces you into lots of brake use in the mountains. This stresses the trailer and vehicle brakes. I swear I felt brake fade and I stopped three times to check my trailer brakes for fear of overheating them.

    3. Stability is an issue, the width of the truck vs the trailer causes some of it, but I think it’s more the mass of the vehicle pulling something far larger. Aerodynamics, play a role also as you transition from induced drag at low speed to parasitic drag at higher speed unstable air from crosswinds or other vehicles really throws the truck and the trailer around. I did get trailer sway bad, enough to let off the gas and pinch my brake controller once and probably should have pinched it a couple of other times, but letting off the throttle worked.

    Surface area- read up on the Ford Ranger. Ford posts info on the towing ability of the Ranger and they are very specific on surface area. I think the Tacoma is similar enough to use the same principle Ford does. They say anything bigger than 55’ will reduce the towing capacity and performance. I believe I’m about 60’ ish sqr feet on my camper and this may be a major factor.

    I just wanted to share this with anyone planning on taking the camper challenge and is on the fence. I now own a sweet camper that was purchased with a Tacoma tow vehicle in mind that I feel unsafe with. I love that Tacoma and if you feel that way too, it’s going to crush you when your stuck with a camper and you have to consider trading in your baby on a bigger whip.

    Additionally, you can’t take a camper on much of a trail if you want to boondock. An RTT while it has some down sides is trail ready and a heck of a lot cheaper.

    I never post anything. I don’t do social media. So posting this was a big deal for me. I’m doing so humbly and with others in mind.
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  9. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    thank you for posting, Darke. your comments are good to know. hope to see you on here more often. :) when i get my Tacoma, thats exactly what it will be... my baby, lol. the heaviest load it may ever tow or haul will be dirt bikes or snow machine. and possibly a tent camper. coming from an F350, i fully expect limitations and thats ok by me.
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  10. Jay Baker

    Jay Baker New Member

  11. Jay Baker

    Jay Baker New Member

    Thanks for the info. I am doing a ton of research before I actually go to the RV dealers and look at them in person. I really like the Gulf stream Streamline but that is 3567lbs Dry and I think its right on the limit of what I want to pull. Loaded up it will probably be close to 5000lbs which based on yours and other people experience is to heavy. I am going to look at smaller options.
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  12. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member


    Does anybody here have one of these cool Bug out trailers ?they seem pretty sweet!
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  13. John James

    John James New Member

    Our 2017 Tacoma Sport 4x4 and Riverside Retro trailer. Love the combo but gutless on high altitude hills here in northern Arizona.
  14. Denver

    Denver Member

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  15. wbeaton2

    wbeaton2 Member

    I’m speaking from personal experience as a month after purchasing my 2019 Sport, I spent the money to have 4:88 nitro gears installed. This engine has plenty of power, it is just up higher in the rpm band. I had a hard time putting out the money on a brand new truck, but now I have put 18,000 kms on it since the gearing and I’ve towed many times, it turns the truck into pure pleasure. It doesn’t chug, search, or wander around looking for the right gear to be in and it gets into sixth gear and holds it continually at highway speeds. Hope this feedback helps....
  16. wbeaton2

    wbeaton2 Member

    After re-reading your post, I feel I need to further add further. I installed Sumo Springs to minimize the sway issue you identify. These made a large difference in stability and sway management. The gearing and suspension changes likely would not resolve your issues. I’m not being dismissive of your concerns, these aren’t half tons trucks by any means, and they have a low profile adding to the wind resistance concerns of pulling a trailer. I’ve even researched the possibility of adding a supercharger, as history shows these engines and drivetrain can handle the increased horsepower and torque, but that’s an expensive option both from the purchase and installation cost, not to mention jumping up to 91 octane minimum. Best of luck going forward...
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  17. John James

    John James New Member

    I considered re-gearing. I have a 6.2 L V8 in my jeep TJ and regeared to 410s. Much more pleasant to drive. In the case of my jeep there’s no lack of power it has to do with keeping it in the ideal RPM range. With the Coma I feel like it needs more low-end torque to tow at altitude. A supercharger will help the horsepower and torque curves as well as minimize power loss when towing at high altitude. Magnuson is getting ready to release a super charger for the gen 3 3.5 probably this fall. I have an opportunity to have one installed the end of this month by the tuner who’s done work on my jeep. I’m looking forward to see how towing performance improves.
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  18. jdurk

    jdurk New Member

    '21 NuCamp TAB320 Boondock, '16 SR5 LB. Camper weighs in just under 2k lbs dry. Image from Senoia camp in Seven Points Campground, Raystown Lake, PA.
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  19. zhacht239

    zhacht239 Member

    I towed my 22 ft 3332lb high-low over 4000 miles in 22 days through the smokey mountains and she drove like a champ.
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  20. zhacht239

    zhacht239 Member

    By the way I have the V6 4x4. 2018
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