Joel, this 2023 not 1953. Try it, you might like it. Just my 2¢.
Thats what's ruining this country...spending time on video games, and taking worthless pics. One should be out there playing real sports, and tending real gardens like our parents, and grand parents did. Sorry for the rant, but its the truth.
there is an absence of flies swarming and buzzing on King Brandon's Empty fall garden
It Must be too cold for them to come out and feast on the deadness
Just made a fresh apple slab pie thats currently cooking. Nothing like using your own northern spy apples right off the tree in your yard. Smells sooo good.
Brandon's Empty garden for the fall has reached full saturation
Additional nourishment now spills over downslope :confused:
the leaves are starting to fall upon Brandon's empty fall garden
smothering it.
still nourishing it, though...

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