Gen2 suspension crossmember under cover...

If worried about the 4 shields fastener bolts getting rusty, coat the threads with waterproof grease, or never seize before installing them back.

Soaked them in WoolWax HV
New nuts as well
Basic sheep fat

Why they not coated better on the line BEHOOVEs i
Whatever works you've got on hand. I prefer bel-ray waterproof grease, just cause I have tubs of it hanging around.
I have to put topcoat on tomorrow, weather permitting
The reformer needs a 24 to cure
I painted my smaller garden tool shed with rustoleum sunrise red years ago. I gotta go with a darker less in your face red the next time around. Red especially looks way outta place on a vehicles chassis thats black....unless in east LA...then even purple, and green with gold leaf would be very acceptable.
A little razzle dazzle!

Coating with amber cosmoline once dry and touchup as necessary