MLB thread

I'll likely miss some of the early season ball games. Got too much work here piling up from all this wet weather. Just can't seem to catch enough good days when it starts drying out.
don't they have games broadcast there on the AM radio? they do here, even used to have the Cubs on the radio in western Iowa and still might IDK lol
Am radio? What's that? I think my grandfather once mention he listened to am, but that was back in the 70's.
Royals got their 1st win today and start the season 1-2
Off to Baltimore now
HOUSTON (AP) — Juan Soto had three hits capped by an RBI single with two outs in the ninth inning that lifted the New York Yankees to a 4-3 win Sunday that completed an opening four-game sweep of the Houston Astros.
Yankees are favored to win their division. They have spent a lot of money, plus still owe on big contracts that didn't work out as well as hoped.
royals got walked off in baltimore :confused:
another opportunity presents itself today
5 hour rain delay in Baltimore
Royals were looking good on the radio in Kansas
Then they got walked off in the 9th 4-3
Back to KCMO for 4 against the White Sox from Chicago
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After losing 1-0 against Seattle that the Red Sox should have won....they came back beating the A's 1-0 .
Red Sox are in 2nd place at 5 and 2, hot on them yankee doodles.
1.45 era for the royals starters so far

That is a cool 2nd lowest in the league