MLB thread

Detroit sweeps KC in detroit
Back to KCMO to finish season against Yankees
In a dark way, breaking the record would befit this club. The Royals have occupied the American League Central cellar since April 30, have one of the worst pitching staffs in the big leagues, and will finish the season with only one winning month (this one). And only because Oakland has lost six more games than the Royals will Kansas City avoid having the sorriest record in the majors
Holy crap, the red sox actually won a game beating the orioles 3-0
Orioles probably felt sorry for the sox after clinching the Al east, or just too hung over.
Royals tie record # of season losses with 106
Yankees achieve 31 consecutive years of a winning record

last game of season today

will the Yankees set the Royals standard for season losses :confused:

White Sox are also 100 game losers this season
Red Sox lost again to the orange birds. 5-2 winning the AL east basement for the 2nd year in a row with identical, or near identical records.
Red Sox win 6-1 over baltimore this afternoon ending with the same last place amount of wins, and loss's as last year.
On another sad note, hall of fame red sox pitcher tim wakefield a 200 game winner, passed away from brain cancer....he was 57
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the Twins apparently WON their very 1st post-season series since 2oo2 :eek: o_O
beat the Toronto
Been too busy at night to follow this years baseball play offs. Been pulling stuff i want to keep from my shop thats been sold. I got till nov. 10th before the new owners move in.