needing a new MT clutch procedure

Any excessive wear to the clutch pedal linkage could cause an issue. You might be able to adjust it out.
Plastic bushings up inside that apparatus are likely shot!
But I cannot readily see up there without a mirror
Maybe the camera can get pics
:confused: now the clutch pedal is flopping back unnaturally at the end of its stroke travel every once in awhile, seems to only happen in the first 3 years
Wotn tarnation might be causing this??
it was working relatively well before the procedure :confused: no issues, no squeaky squeak
sounds + feels like the spring sticks + grabs right at the end of the stroke
but i can in no way get my head underneath to take a close look at whut is going on
it shure seems that the throwout bearing is riding on the clutch cover pressure plate fingers
how does one get that taken care of and stopped ?!?
If all is adjusted properly you should have at a minimum of 1/4'' of free play to a max of 3/4'' before your clutch pedal engages the clutch otherwise you have some other problem. I assume your slave cylinder is not overfilled.
I took a look at the cylinder and it's filled properly, just old dark fluid that was not changed and bled
Normal, you're changing the load on the engine, by disengaging the clutch pressure plate.

that video poster said the transmission shop had it apart multiple times and finally concluded it was the input and counter shafts

mine now makes this exact noise but it is NOT that loud as of yet
Any tech with a brain would only need to take it apart once to see the pilot bearing failure, and worn transmission input shaft.
Either way, they are still morons if they didn't see it the first time. Its like taking a flat tire to a tire dealer, and them telling you its not flat when looking at it.
he said the countershaft was bad also

how do you find countershaft bad, what noises does that make
it matters..