noticeable increase in fuel consumption, losing 50 tacoMiles per tank of tacoJuice... what is going on?


Octane does nothing for adding horsepower or cleaning. It has 1 purpose and 1 purpose only. That is to help prevent PRE-DETONATION (aka engine ping).

If you want to cough up an additional $10 on 20 gallons of fuel....knock yourself out. Ironically, you'll burn most of that running to/from that BP station.

Have you considered the "expert's" Mercedes might be a POS??? I don't mean Point Of Sale.
When I told the guy about the BPs up the river and how it's over 4$ a gallon compared his store only 389c minus 15c off BP card
He said and it's probably 92 octane?
I told him actually it's only 91
He said get the heck out screw that
You can't deny you've now run over to the dark side. We'll just put you on probation this time. Just don't let it happen again.:oops:
There is extremely valuable information there that cannot be found here, unfortunately
? The detergents in the ultimate premium are more than the lower cost e10 87 octane?
Not likely. The "detergent" level is controlled by the Feds regarding what and how much.

No advantage to a blender to add more than the minimum required by Fed Law.
When I had a discussion with a retired shell company engineer in quebec, their standards for regular 87 grade is pretty loose what additives are blended to achieve 87. He told me it's much stricter what can only be used for premium. To get a top tier fuel rating at the pumps, top tier companies must meet the minimum level of detergents in their fuel. These discount places don't, and generally buy stocks that lack these detergents. My gen3 tacoma owners manual states to use only top tier fuels.