noticeable increase in fuel consumption, losing 50 tacoMiles per tank of tacoJuice... what is going on?

stumbled into the shell station today, running on fumes :(
before when the red low tank light triggered I knew I had 40 miles to get to that pump for some tacoJuice
I barely made it 30 miles before the chugging sensation was felt

so this tank got the truck 340 miles on 18.25 gallons
But the last fill-up in Odessa at 284c per G the juice was ALL the way up the filler neck

18.63 mpg
Better than many before but still on the down low it feels

truckin with the shell 91V power nitro+ for a tank this go'round
I assume you do know running an engine on a higher octane fuel than designed for will deliver worse fuel economy, and performance.
It seems to run so much smoother and peppier on this V power nitro+
It truly does :)
Jay needs to cut back on all the pics, and goofy videos, and pay more attention what his trucks owners manual recommends for fuel grade. Unless the engine has variable valve, variable ignition timing, or both, a higher octane fuel won't make it run any better, in most cases worse.
If you had much lower mileage on the odo, I'd say to remove the injectors from the fuel rail, and send them out to have them cleaned. There's a place in texas I used that did a great job making them perform good as new again. In your case I'd recommend all new ones, before one sticks fully open flooding the cylinder, and bending a rod.
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oh my YIKES, can those injectors actually do that?
i need to call the Yota shop and ask them all about that so it doesn't happen
i just do not see how ALL OF A SUDDEN, the fuel ecomony literally goes down by SO MUCH
something or other is very very peculiar and just wrong
I'm beginning to think along the lines that Tacojoel is dancing around.

Fuel injectors probably need to be replaced. They have injected a lot of fuel.
I do have to ponder now, after a lengthy spell of truck talk with Missouri cousins last Friday, all have MT in their Dodge and Ford farm trucks, that I may have been sent a wrong or improper R150F

:( :( :(
Since NO CEL has yet triggered
CEL = Check ENGINE Light. There is no CTL (check transmission light)

I'd have all the confidence that a Ford and Dodge owner know the ins and outs of a Toyota Tacoma.
I got good chuckle out of the manual transmission cel. Its faulty muffler bearings in the O2 sensors more likely to trigger a cel. Gotta give it to those ford, and dodge guys...I think their on to something. and its not trucks.
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they were talking about the plugged up PCV and oily breather on the dodge that was weeping oil into the air intake
they were talking about the plugged up PCV and oily breather on the dodge that was weeping oil into the air intake
Pcv valve had to stuck open not plugged up to do what is claimed. Plugged up will cause engine oil leaks from various gaskets, and seals