noticeable increase in fuel consumption, losing 50 tacoMiles per tank of tacoJuice... what is going on?

Should that pcv valve just ease on out with a tug
I was gentle on the wiggle and no budging it up and out
oil vapour weeping into intake tubing from and pooling
getting sucked into throttle body?

would this be a cause for the abnormal crap mpg

or oil backing down the tube polluting screwing with the MAF?
there has to be an explanation as to WHY all of a sudden sharply it goes from 360 miles per tank to not quite 300 miles per tank in the very similar conditions
Pretty reasonable price for a set of 6. I thought you only had 4 cylinders???

Yep, blow-by will take a set of rings and likely a cylinder hone plus a plethora of supporting parts. Major engine teardown work. Easily run $2-3000 or more.

A crate engine could be less $$
experimenting on the half-tank MPG, if it matters or not

so i wheeled 190 miles since last full fill, put in a bit over 9.5 gallons, a bit over half, but i probably could have squeezed another half gallon into that neck

almost 20 mpg, which is a great improvement

tomorrow will be the true test if that new pcv + hose makes a bit of difference as we wheel it south into Kansas to visit the uncle that was just released from the small county hospital into a rehab/assisted living he probably hates to be there