Oil Filter

learned something from the yota maintenance uTube channel
Actually learnt two new things :confused:
Perhaps three...

no, that is not what was referred to from the video
i change engine oil and stuff like coolant and gearboxes on a proper schedule within a limit
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Not a typical maintenance item.

Generally, head gaskets are replaced at a failure. The failure can exhibit several symptoms. Most often loss of coolant is an indicator.
It is possibly after watching the v8 yotas HG crumble from age related issues
Failure on aluminum is not a good route to take because of warpage
Any person thinking rational wouldn't do just a head gasket replacement on a 25 year old engine with over a 1/4 million miles. They'd do a complete engine rebuild, or just find another low mileage engine.
it may depend on what all is observed when removing the top cylinder heads?

What about the cylinder head's, cams timing gears etc. to complete it along with all the labor to put it together, and install it....your talking at least $5k.
new short block assembly looks reasonably priced

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477$ ... MSRP 691$

Exact Fit for your

perhaps i was looking at the wrong part!?

MSRP on that is 4390$
it is Over 1/3rd million miles
broke the 1/4 million long ago
up next we are hunting for that half-a-million :confused:
might need the head gasket procedure then or by then but ya just never know...
It would be crazy to do a head gasket job on a worn out engine thats on borrowed time. Thats like doing a heart transplant on a 90 year old person.:confused: