rebooting the CV axle shafts on Gen1...

very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.

No hacks
Zero fukks

Full boot kits still have a nationwide backOrder of 500+ since at least October 2o23... 4+ months

Found out last month that the half shaft inboard is also available to order, which are the ones that shredded
So Ordered those about a month ago and they finally showed up the other day
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Waiting on parts for 4 months.........holy c-rap batman............

I ordered parts for a 42 yo motorcycle on 2/2/24. The parts are sourced in Australia and Netherlands. The arrival date by FedEx and DHL is 2/19 and 2/21.

My point. Find another source. NO way on this green earth should you need to wait an eternity for parts.

Frankly, that high backlog count and long delay indicates the part is NO LONGER being made. You need to look for rebuilds or aftermarket. NOS will be non-existent.
I would think they have his credit card, and charge it when the part is shipped. At least thats how I did it when I ran my shop.
Agreed. That is normal practice. Although, there are so many dishonest people and hackers out there.......nothing is safe. Especially, when things remain open ended for so long.