rebooting the CV axle shafts on Gen1...

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Full boot kits still have a nationwide backOrder of 500+ since at least October 2o23... 4+ months

Found out last month that the half shaft inboard is also available to order, which are the ones that shredded
So Ordered those about a month ago and they finally showed up the other day

full boot kits are on the way apparently shipped on the 6th
went to St Louis from KCMO
then to tacomaHA
then to Schuyler

Latest Update​

Your item is being processed at our USPS facility in SCHUYLER, NE 68661 on March 9, 2024 at 8:59 am.

wot'n tarnation
ordered back in early October :(
i c it when i c it

5 months ago :eek: :oops: :eek:
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fukk these napa shiittt axles
Is there anything you don't have trouble with or crab about????

Frankly, I doubt if the axle is the source of your problem. What part are you gonna blame if the vibration persists after your repair??? Better be making a plan.
oh my, i must've been VERY EARLY on the nationWide wait-list for the backOrderd boots

Another alternative would be to check with your favorite online toyota parts dealer. As I understood it (directly from Toyota Colorado Springs), the nationwide backorder on the CV reboot kits was expected to be fullfilled 1st or 2nd week of April.