Say nothing, Do nothing, Be nothing...

This administration favors illegals over our own people. There're actually giving our citizens the shaft while they embrace others coming here illegally from all over the world. Heck, they get free money cards, phones, food, and any place they want to go.
Meanwhile, I'm working my rear end off hoping to retire before I die with enough $$ to afford a loaf of bread.
The only reason the Twit in the Oval is recognizing the border problem is he is hoping to gather votes this election year.
Hopefully it'll be less than the sum of all the new parts for your priceless gen1. lol:rolleyes:....forgive me, couldn't resist that one.
So far, she is the only candidate with a lick of sense.

The others...................... I gots no words.........
Brandon is up on the bully pulpit tonight
They had to wheel him out to explain his excuses for the horrendous classified document report deal, even though it was way past his bedtime. One reporter there thought brandon was hoping to have a rematch with corn pop if he showed up.