Say nothing, Do nothing, Be nothing...

You mean howdy doody.....been long overdue. He knows the orange man is coming. Deep state is crapping their pants to.
I only hoped they would be there together, not miles apart. Brandon always goes to the least busy border crossing towns, so he can tell the public nothing to see here.
Got to welcome those newcomers with a cash account, medical, a phone, and all the rights a legal immigrant that would take years to get before becoming a citizen.
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geezer sounded quite angry about it all
Yes he did, but the dems ate it up saying the speech was fiery, while being knocked out of the park. It sounded more to me like a grumpy old man angry with anyone that challenges his policies. I had to laugh at his shrinkflation act is to go after companies, and corporations that put less cookies, and chips in their container yet charge the same, or more. These companies will only pass the costs on to the end consumer one way, or another, unless they get cheaper raw materials to start with....which is not happening due to this administration. I can't believe how stupid brandon is how the economy works.