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Just had to post that its not only members coming here from being banned on tw, its the same for other tacoma forum sites to, that are picking up new members recently banned from tw. If that isn't funny enough, all new members that went to other taco sites are complaining that they all were banned for similar reasons as I was, claiming those tw mods are on a power trip, editing posts, and banning members that claimed to offend someone, or just didn't agree with the info they posted. I guess, if its not what the powers to be want to hear, your gone, even if your right. More I read that bs from others, they did me a favor.
I was searching for the year when they started using a different manufacturing method on their gen3 frames to combat this frame rust issue they been having. I think one site was tacoma 3G that had the harshest words for tw when I came across it. At any rate if you bought a 2018 gen3 or later, the frames are suppose to be improved.
it was definitely not this post lol

Certainly not.

If you look at my post history, it was helpful and calm.

Only when I tried to have some fun did I get into trouble.

Indeed, I used a "bad" word, which is why I got banned; but, as I clarified in another post on here, I didn't realize that word was really so bad until after I was in trouble.

It's sad in the sense that I was a quality poster over there. It's also sad because my friends now think I am an awful person. But, arguably, those people were never my friends if they wouldn't stand up for me and, crucially, if the mods at TW don't want quality content then that's on them.

To be frank, and I am sorry if this offends you all, we need to stop complaining about TW over here so much. Let the past be the past. We already know the mods over there are strange people. In my case, it's somewhat understandable that I was banned. For many of you, though, it sounds like your banning was totally unfair. OK then. Let's move on.

Publish some great threads. Bring people here instead.
You can't even have an honest debate on tw when you have mods over there that will sensor your posts even if you know your correct.
I came across one of scotty kilmers video's the other day called ''this will make your car run better, but its as illegal as hell'' He rants about ev's, and vehicles like ford, and caddy's. A worthless video, but funny as hell.
i certainly wish the repairs i need will not ever come close to this amount!

Just stop taking pics from inside your cab while your truck is in motion. At any rate your probably not that far off when you total everything you spent into that clapped out old truck so far.
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Louisiana is the worst so i read and grabbed that quote from that other place