Tacomaholics "Anonymous" Support Group

Ok mister fancy britches...
Use some of your charismatic charm and give SHOUT OUT to one of your newer home on your vids!?!?!?

Acting all pretty in your red suit and fancy pistols... LOL

It is nice to see you here.

I'm so lost right now ...

Been awhile since I've updated my build thread here and I'll do better keeping it up to date. For some reason I always seem to have to go through the confirmation code BS every few days which is annoying. Anyone know what the deal is?
Many thanks for providing the categorized list and links for all the mods. Well done and very good and helpful information! The videos are well produced enjoyable and informative.

I was looking for a red lettered TRD grill logo and was unable to source the link:

I was able to find black and chrome finish but with my 2020 TRD Pro grill the red would have a better look.

Thanks Again!