The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

The patrolman was just doing their job.

You gave probable cause to be stopped.

You're lucky you weren't cited. Violations in those zones can carry double fines.
I thought he was pulling me over for speeding! I was going rather fast down the hill in the country
The stop sign ran was a right turn no other cars and road closed the other direction to the left and I didn't make a complete stop :oops:
STOP sign means stop. It does not have exclusions or exceptions like......
"if no traffic, then go." or
"if making a right turn, then no need to stop" or
"if road closed, then go"

Sorry, no sympathy here. I've had numerous close encounters due to people blowing STOP signs while on my motorcycle. Too many drivers look but don't see. They're just going through the motions of driving.

The officer was just in stopping you.

I'd like to meet someone in the "Other" category. I thought there were only 2 genders....male, female.

Maybe the "Other" applies to those making a poor choice.
I've done work for a well know doctor here, he once told me for whatever their reason, 1 out of 4 people he's met, are not wired right.
Seems people can't read these days...they see a red light, or a stop sign, and keep going till someone nearly crash's into another. I've seen over 90% not completely stop when coming upon a stop sign. They will slow down to about 3-4 mph and do a rolling through.
I spotted two Iowa-plated vehicles rolling downhill in VA today
One from Polk
Other from Linn
MLK saved my day :)
I got quite lost in Macon
Then I spotted his Blvd or drive and wheeled it down until I got to a familiar road shield, circled back to the top and found ma way back to the proper road I was on until the detour

God bless MLK
I was sweating so bad the house manager in charge came over to ask if I was alright
Thats funny. I grow some of hottest jalapeño's from seed year to year, you'll ever taste. I made my own version last summer of those Texas Twinkies, and had the wife taste the first one of the batch. It was the last ever. She claimed her mouth was on fire for hrs., water just made it worse. I couldn't help laughing, but to her it wasn't funny.