The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

It's the reason I put several traps around my snowmobile. Those little bastards will create big issues. One year I had to replace the main wiring harness in my sled after finding small sections of electrical wires all over the cement floor around the sled.
You got to watch those jumping rats when you go to california. Heck, in nyc, the rats get so big they can carry you away.
Today has been crazy. Realtor called me they have a buyer for my shop that deposited $5k with intent to buy. Gotta go sign the sale pending papers this afternoon. If all goes through in 21 days, I'll only get 14 days to clear everything out to broom clean condition. Going to have to hire a few flunkies if so.
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Been getting a head start clearing all the junk out. I spoke with the new owner last night...a large developer that will supply me a crew to help clear out.
Glad to hear there's no damage. Let the sawdust fly!!!! But be careful.
It didn't long. Mission accomplished. Tree was dead already. It couldn't have fallen the other way into the woods behind me. I'm not that lucky. This ash tree will make for some good firewood this winter.
On another note, I just finished brewing up a pot of my Spanish rice ala joel/with lean ground beef mix, for tonights lunch. I didn't realize just hot hot my peppers have gotten. Added 2 jalapeño peppers, and an onion and a couple fresh garden tomatoes all finely chopped while cooking. This stuff is rocket fuel.
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