The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

I've seen it happen a few times
Once was to avoid a rear end collision on the i80
75 mph limit in cruise came upon somebody going probably 50 but could a been the 40 minimum
Heavy middle lane traffic could not get over in time
Saw them in the rearview swerve right violently and cruise past the slower vehicle on the shoulder
It was a sight beholden there was not severe accident witnessed
I think police are more worried about getting shot upside the face than a traffic stop such as that
At least in some areas with bad characters
Got almost finished mowing my lawn this afternoon, and hit something stuck in the ground that busted the plastic nose roller on my mower deck. Gotta order a new one. In the meantime I'll jury rig an old worn wooden one I have laying around.
Wife borrowed the taco for her dental appointed early this morning due to the muddy road from all the rain last night, and this morning....didn't want the prius getting swallowed up in a rut, or swill hole. She just came back...I may have created a monster...she likes driving the taco way too much, saying we should get rid of the prius for one. Now I have another headache I didn't see coming.