The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

my right knee is bumming me out again...
either that snow shoveling incident did not fully heal from 3 months ago or
i re-aggravated it trying to pick small objects up from the floor
should i have disposed of the taco when it started making that awful racket in the video?
The bears are back. Had 4 large hungry bears in the yard this noon to contend with as I was doing some lawn reseeding. They were not afraid of me, but stayed their distance of about 60' from me till they wandered off. I believe it was the same mother, and her 3 cubs that use to show up last year, and year before. The cubs have really grown. They were nearly the same size as the mother.
Thats no throwout bearing noise like I've ever heard.

yes yes
and after it broke out, after this noise stopped... (this is the worst high-point of the noise being constant like that that started 18 months prior to it breaking)
and after i just so happened to spot and FIND what broke the next day
BUT during at the time of this video It was nothing more than the throwout bearing that the master Yota ASE diagnostic tech told me and assured me on many occasions
it was 3 months prior to that in the cold dead of winter in his parking lot that i stopped asking about it and took his honest word about this weird noise going on
Thought your weird noises were from a faulty crankshaft pilot bearing that seized on your transmission's output shaft?
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this was actually the first odd noise ever encountered on the rig almost 5 years ago
there was a stalling issue maybe 7 years before that but was found to be a mouse eating at the air filter element