the climate crisis...

65 and bright ass sun here in N Central Florida.
is that about normal for your area?

it is projected to be 20 to 25 degrees above normal in the eastern great plains today and tomorrow,
nearly 60 degrees... the heat bubble

The jump in global temperatures in September 2023 is difficult to explain by natural climate variability alone​

Story by Science X staff • 19h


September 2023 broke the global mean temperature record by a staggering 0.5° C difference from the previous record. A new study calls for further analysis of the impact of volcanoes and anthropogenic climate forcing on the new record.

September 2023 was the warmest September on record globally by a very wide margin. A new study by the scientists from the Finnish Meteorological Institute shows that it is highly unlikely that climate change and natural climate variability, such as the ongoing El Niño phenomenon, would be sufficient to cause the new record.

OMG!!!!! Panic!!!!!. Everything is gonna burn up. The metoric rise of almost 0.25 (1/4) of a degree in 80+ years....... Maybe by 2045 it'll be a whole degree....................

How do we know, the earth isn't on a normal temperature cycle????? Humans only have records back into the early 1900s. Sure, there are fossil type records with an accuracy of several THOUSAND years. Do you have any concept about how much mass the earth has???? And what it would take to raise that much mass to a damaging temperature, or the time required?????

Not buying the "woke" hype. One volcano spews more noxious gas into the air in a few weeks than what humans do in a year. BTW, how long has HI had volcanos on a constant flow????

Mid-60s and rain here. Spring is knocking on the door trying to evict Winter.
Most these weather scientist have gone by ice core samples how the earth was thousands of years ago, I read somewhere this last year 2023 was the warmest on record where the average temp rose 1/2 degree centigrade. I can tell you from my age experience the climate seems to run in 20 year cycles, but it has been gradually on average getting warmer since the 70's.
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Couple more thoughts to consider.

An ice cube floats very similar to an iceberg but on a much smaller level. Try this simple experiment. Fill a glass with water all the way to the rim. Place an ice cube into the water. Yes, there will be a bit of initial overflow. Dry everything off with a paper towel. Carefully, place the glass, water with ice cube onto a fresh dry paper towel. Let the ice cube melt. See if the new paper towel gets wet.

Now, when the cube melts the glass of water will not over flow. Think of the ice cube as the polar caps, the glass of water as the oceans and the paper towel as the continents.

Another point. If the earth is warming due to humans. How can ONE nation stop the trend? There are many developing nations without the means to be "climate conscious". These nations are struggling to feed and house their population or in deep economic doodoo.

Frankly, there are many companies raking in the $$ on the phobia. Its a giant money grab.
I remember that in 6th grade in science class doing experiments. It is a money grab, its always been about money with climate bs.
Hopefully not many gen1 Taco were harmed flooded in Southern CA
They are known to run rampant wild around the area along with many other Uber old yotas